Categories and pricing

  • All Festival sites are 3m wide by 4m deep. You can get two sites side by side, which is 6m wide and 4m deep.
  • Please note that all your equipment must fit within the area of the site(s) booked. If you have a long tow bar or fold-out extensions to your setup you may need to book an extra site to accommodate these as space is restricted.
  • Categories: There’s either ‘commercial’ or ‘not-for-profit community groups’. We keep a close eye on businesses using community groups to attempt to circumnavigate this rule.
  • Please read the Stallholder Terms and Conditions.

Stallholder Application

Please complete and submit the application form to us by Friday 2nd October 2020.

You can also download and print a form and then scan and send it to or post to Kowhaifestival c/o i-Site, 1 Baxter Street, Warkworth 0910

Please refer your stall questions to



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