Adjustment of categories and pricing

After much deliberation we have decided to adjust our categories and prices slightly. Unfortunately the costs to put up this huge event have risen dramatically, and it is our aim to future-proof our festival.

  • All Festival sites are 3m wide by 4m deep. You can get two sites side by side, which is 6m wide and 4m deep. This is just a change of wording.
  • We don’t have the category of ‘home based business’ anymore. So there’s either ‘commercial’ or ‘not-for-profit community groups’. We keep a close eye on businesses using community groups to circumnavigate this rule.
  • Prices have been adjusted to reflect inflation over the last 5 years.

Stallholder Application

Please fill in the online application form or download the form here (important: Food Vendors have to fill in the extra form) to print / scan and send it to or post it to

Kowhai Festival
c/o i-SITE
1 Baxter Street
Warkworth 0910

Applications close Friday 6 October 2017

Please refer your stall questions to