Stallholder Terms and Conditions


All festival stallholders must agree and adhere to the Stallholder Terms and Conditions listed below:

Download printable version (pdf)

1. A completed application (including certificates for Food Vendors) must be submitted before we will accept your stall booking. Your site is not reserved until we have approved your application and received the correct payment. We will not accept applications from any commercial business claiming to be a community group.

2. Preference is given to local community groups, artisan food producers and businesses with an emphasis on handmade and home-grown. Applications from sellers of mass-produced and parallel imported groups are likely to be declined.

3. A bare site is provided. You must bring your own tables, displays and overhead shelters and arrange for your own power and water if needed. You are totally responsible for your own goods and property.

4. A festival site is 3 metres wide by 4 metres deep. A double site is 6 metres wide by 4 metres deep. Your stall must remain within this area. If you require more space, please reserve an additional site.

5. All vehicles must be off the street or within your stall area by 8.30 am. No vehicles may re-enter or leave the street before 3.00 pm.

6. The Kowhai Festival committee is not responsible for any damage, loss or injury sustained. A refund will be given for cancellations up until 30 September 2018. No refunds will be given after this date.